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Music Retail Podcast - Episode 1: Tim Spicer - Spicer's Music

I'm so excited to share the launch of this podcast. I've wanted someone to do this for a while, and finally decided that that someone would be me. :) Enjoy this first episode with Tim Spicer of Spicer's Music in Auburn, Alabama. Tim is a NAMM Top 100 Dealer and Category winner, and will share his thoughts on team building and how to earn a Guiness Record!  or search iTunes, Stitcher, etc for "Music Retail Podcast".

Special FREE Webinar with Bob Negen and Social Media Expert Crystal Vilkaitis!

Hey friends… I just wanted to let you know about a NEW FREE webinar being hosted by some leading retail experts that I follow for my own business. Collectively they have worked with tens of thousands of retailers, and they know what works… and what doesn’t. At the  Retail Spring Training Double Header , you’ll learn how to master two of the most important skills a store owner needs today... Marketing and Social Media! This webinar is sure to have twice the impact and twice the real-world examples thanks to each of the expert's individual knowledge - and they are both root, root, rooting for you to succeed! Click here to register…  http:// af=1686481 The LIVE Webinar is taking place on Wednesday, May 22 at 1:00 PM Eastern Time (10 AM PST).