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Monthly Coaching

The quickest way to accomplish your goals is to ask yourself "Who?", not "What?". Who has accomplished what it is that you are trying to accomplish?

If you are trying to grow your retail business, I very well might be the "Who" you are looking for. My team and I have grown Springfield Music, Inc from a one-location retailer doing a little over $1 million in annual revenue to five locations in two states with revenues in excess of $7 million annually.

My specialties include:
  • Leadership - the most important single factor determining your level of success in your business, and it's the most overlooked. No one realizes when they are leading poorly.
  • Culture - stems from your leadership, and is the second most important success factor.
  • Multi-location management - running a single store is a skill set. Running multiple locations is a different skill set.
  • Retail store operations - how well does your business run when you aren't around?
  • Inventory Management and Open-to-Buy planning - do you own your inventory, or does it own you?
  • Growing retail sales through third party sales channels
  • Offering classes and private lessons
  • Turning your services (like repair) into profit centers
My monthly coaching plan gives you two Zoom meetings with me and my team (as needed) per month, and unlimited emails for only $500 per month, cancellable at any time.

Are you ready to grow your business? Reach out to me for a free meeting and let's see if I can help you get over the wall.


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