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Mike & Miriam Risko - Risko Music. You need to improve your virtual lessons - this episode will help

Available on all major podcasting platforms! Have a retail question? Want a free coaching session? Go to

Whitney Brown Grisaffi - Ted Brown Music. Adapt to thrive in an everchanging marketplace!

  Whitney gives us a quick history of Ted Brown Music and how she came to be President, and then we have some fascinating conversations about adaption, adoption, and more!

Cris Behrens - Summerhays Music Center. Listen and learn to the best marketing promotion ever!

  Cris shares not only his best marketing promotion, but also talks about what it’s like working in a family business when the patriarch and CEO passes, plus some GREAT ideas on staff development that you can put in to place today!

Jen Tabor, owner of Souldier Straps, talks about starting a company from scratch, and more!

  How did one of my favorite strap companies get started? What bit of happenstance changed Jen’s life and the life of her employees? Why did she go work for Gator cases, and is she glad to be back at the helm of Souldier? Listen to find out!