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Music Retail Podcast Ep. 5: Dealing with ownership transitions in a generational business, coming back from bankruptcy, and why you should be doing more with music advocacy

In this episode, Tristann Rieck, owner of Brass Bell Music in Milwaukee, WI talks about dealing with ownership transitions in a generational business, coming back from bankruptcy, and why you should be doing more with music advocacy.

Listen here, or on your favorite podcast app!


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My 10 Best NAMM Show Tips

The NAMM Show and Summer NAMM are always fun times to see new products, meet new people and catch up with old friends. But as retailers, we need to make sure we're getting the most out of each show. With all the fun distractions, remember that we're there to work. It’s easy to watch every demo, concert and artist signing, but if you do that, you won't leave your first booth. Now, it may sound as if I’m all work and no play, but the world around us is changing. What we used to do isn’t as effective anymore. Take a few minutes to consider the following: Essentially, what it says is time equals change. The more things around you change, what used to lead to success will eventually lead to failure. We need new ideas and approaches just to maintain our positions in the marketplace. The NAMM show is the single easiest way to get inspired with new ideas to keep your business relevant. With that in mind, here are my top 10 tips on getting the most out of NAMM shows. 1. Attend NAMM Ide…

It’s not about being the best -It’s about being better than you were yesterday.

Ahh - the new year.  This is the time where we can dive in and begin working on our businessesinstead of just in our businesses.  So with that in mind, allow me to share a few of my favorite ideas that invigorate me for the new year.
The first one, and perhaps most obvious, is to attend the Winter NAMM show.  Take as many of your staff as you can so that they get inspired to work on your business as well. Obviously the new products are always exciting, but if you spend time in the NAMM Idea Centers you will come away with many ideas that will make your business better in the new year. Also, make it a goal at each NAMM show to meet new people and to strengthen the industry relationships you already have.
“Fortune favors the bold” - Latin proverb Second, are you planning any travel this year?  If so, arrange some time to visit other music stores on your travels.  I love to drive when possible, primarily so that I can spend time visiting other music stores on my trip.  Recently I took a t…