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Retail Marketing Club - Only $1 (for a limited time)

The folks at WhizBang! Retail Training have a great program that I have used at Springfield Music for over a year. It's their monthly Retail Marketing Club. They do a monthly meeting (with accompanying Facebook group) where they give you a unique marketing strategy. It's a great tool to think of new and creative ways to promote your business - I've certainly found it a terrific investment. The price is going up to $49 per month soon, but right now, if you sign up you can lock in the current price of $29 per month. Plus, since I'm a WhizBang! Certified Coach - they are allowing me to give you a coupon code that will make your first month only $1 (after that, it renews at $29). You can cancel at anytime if you don't think it's worth it.   I'm confident that just one meeting will 10X your yearly investment - it's that good. Anyway - hope this isn't too commercial of a post, but this tool has been very help for me and my team and I wanted to share. The c
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Are You Paying Too Much for Credit Card Processing? (The answer is yes)

Part of the process of consulting is partnering with businesses that have been impactful for us at Springfield Music and sharing them with others. We started using Merchant Cost Consulting earlier this year. These guys are former banking and credit card reps who go and negotiate your processing rates on your behalf. Now, like most of you, we are pretty aggressive about shopping our processing rate around, so I wasn't sure they would be able to save us much money. Boy, was I wrong. On average they are saving us $600 per month. The deal is we split it 50/50 with them for so many months, after that all of the savings are ours to keep. Plus, they keep an eye on your fees during this time to make sure those @#$% credit card processors don't find a way to jack up your rate again. They are good folks, and they actually do what they say they do. Actually, in our case, they under promised and over delivered. They estimated $500 per month in savings, and it's been closer to $6