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Ep 12: Pete Sides - Robert M. Sides Family Music Center. This episode is an MBA for School Dealers.

Topics include:Family business succession, college education for retail store owners, rental growth through acquisition and how to keep those new customers, finding road reps, the RTO changes in the 90s, the value of value brands, long range planning, and how to make the most of your NAMM show. Whew! Listen by searching for Music Retail Podcast on your favorite podcast app, or you can  listen on the web.

Episode 11: Sammy Ash - Sam Ash Music. What is it like to be the largest family owned music chain?

What a treat it was to get to talk with Sammy Ash about Sam Ash Music, his thoughts on the other national competitor, how he feels about vendors selling direct (here’s looking at you, Fender), and much more! Listen by searching for Music Retail Podcast on your favorite podcast app, or you can listen on the web.

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Episode 10: Michael Cathrea - Resonate Music - How to build a thriving music lessons program.

In this conversation with Michael we discuss how to build a thriving lesson program that surpasses the competition. Listen via your favorite podcast app (search for Music Retail Podcast), or via this link.