Retail Marketing Club - Only $1 (for a limited time)

The folks at WhizBang! Retail Training have a great program that I have used at Springfield Music for over a year. It's their monthly Retail Marketing Club. They do a monthly meeting (with accompanying Facebook group) where they give you a unique marketing strategy. It's a great tool to think of new and creative ways to promote your business - I've certainly found it a terrific investment.

The price is going up to $49 per month soon, but right now, if you sign up you can lock in the current price of $29 per month. Plus, since I'm a WhizBang! Certified Coach - they are allowing me to give you a coupon code that will make your first month only $1 (after that, it renews at $29). You can cancel at anytime if you don't think it's worth it. 

I'm confident that just one meeting will 10X your yearly investment - it's that good.

Anyway - hope this isn't too commercial of a post, but this tool has been very help for me and my team and I wanted to share.

The coupon code for the deal is $DEAL. And you can register here:


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